On the Defensive

The New York Times is concerned about the "chequebook politics" employed by U.S. Senator Jon Corzine in the race for the Democratic nomination for the New Jersey governor's election in November this year.

In 2005, there are no elections scheduled for either the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives, leaving only two gubernatorial elections: New Jersey and Virginia.

With acting governor of New Jersey Richard Codey announcing that he will not stand for a full-term and his predecessor (James E. "Jim" McGreevey)having stood down in controversial circumstances, New Jersey is a relatively good target for a Republican gain.

Meanwhile in Virginia, the state has a one-term of office limit, meaning that Governor Mark Warner (Democrat) cannot stand again. Considering that the previous elected Governor was a Republican and the state's strong Republican showing in statewide elections, and this looks like an even better Republican win prospect.

With 28 Republican governors out of 50, and the tainted election in Washington State still bubbling away quietly, the ambitions for Democrats in 2005 are restricted to holding onto what they have.