Backlog of interesting links (1 of 2)

Just once in a while, I go through my Newsgator clippings and decide that some of the stories are worth publishing anyway, so here goes:

When Le Monde says the Iraqi elections have come off without too many irregularities, you know they couldn't find any!

A Democrat rightly forecast the Bachelet victory in Chile's presidential election run-off.

Election law reform in the U.S. state of Georgia.

A complacent - and no doubt Democratic Party supporting - report opposing election law reform in that shambles Washington state.

A thoughtful piece about election law reform. I've views on this elsewhere on this blog.

Why Hillary Clinton shouldn't run for U.S. President, according to a Democrat fan writing in Time magazine.


Democracy Watch give "F" grade to Canada's Liberals

If the Liberals avoid defeat in Canada's general election next Monday (January 23), it will be an extraordinary comeback. The public bickering among opponents to Stephen Harper's Conservatives is a bad sign for Liberals and suggests that they are conducting what I guess we can call their pre-post-mortem.

The news [via Canada TV] that Democracy Watch has awarded a "B" for overall integrity and accountability to the front-running Tories in the election polls, compared with an "F" to the ironically named "Liberal" government, is a summary of why the election result deserves to be a change of régime.

Remember, Democracy Watch scored the parties on what they said they would do if elected. So anyone with an "F" for promises...