"Lipstick on a pig"

From Breitbart.com:
"We will leave here more united than we came," she said.

Some audience members heckled her in response. "Lipstick on a pig!" one shouted.

"We just blew the election!" a woman in the audience shouted. The crowd was divided between cheering Obama supporters and booing Clinton supporters.

"This isn't unity! Count all the votes!" another audience member yelled.

At stake was what the Democratic National Committee was going to do about the Michigan and Florida primaries, where the Party initially proposed to ban delegates from those two states from the August National Convention.

The "compromise" effectively gives the nomination to Senator Barak Obama.

Of course the procedure is so convoluted and arbitrary that the deal may not stand up to the scrutiny of a court of law.

Whatever happened to "every vote must be counted"? Silly me, it only applies to when the Democrat is behind a Republican...