Who's worried on D-Day?

This article is from a Labour supporters' site. Funnily enough, the BBC looks like it's going to cock up the exit poll like in 1992 ("Labour is going to win!") 

I'm not assuming anything. How the terrorist attacks will affect voting is unclear.

BTW, I was handed a leaflet outside Whitechapel station telling Muslims it was immoral to vote (the argument is that voting for a man is putting faith in a being other than Allah/God). At first I assumed it was the Lib Dems (they've done this sort of thing before in the same area). It's too clever for the BNP.

The point is that terrorists might intimidate some Muslim voters not to vote. Which would be a disgrace.

On the other hand, how much flak does Mrs May get for being Home Secretary and Prime Minister while the security apparatus fails repeatedly to prevent attacks, despite draconian powers.

Anyhow, we shall see.