Voting machine, Party machine?

Amy Alkon discusses a report by the U.S. General Accounting Office into the opportunity for fraud using voting machines.

Her conclusion is that the winner must have stolen the election, which I think isn't proven beyond resonable doubt (see the first comment by Radwaste who takes a similar line). What is clear however is that my views of the Washington gubernatorial election in 2004 (which resulted in a narrow Democratic Party victory there) are echoed by critics of the presidential election in Ohio in 2004 (although the margin of victory for the Republican candidate there was several orders of magnitude greater).

As far as voting machines are concerned, I see them as a solution to yesterday's problem: "Hanging chads" anyone? It's a classic "Willetts".

What's wrong with a piece of paper with a box next to each name, and the voter marks "X"?

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