Canadian roundup on eve of poll

The round-up:
Polipundit has a running daily commentary on the Canadian election.

Did the blogosphere have an effect in Canada this time?

My guess is it must have done. The majority of my traffic for the last month has come from Canada, and hundreds of people finding this site from a search along the lines of "latest-Canadian-election-polls" (though not usually with those strings).

If the official media loses it grip, this must help the non-conformist opposition, in this case the Conservatives. So whilst I wouldn't bet on the number of seats, it's a safe bet that the Tories are bound to show a significant percentage gain.

Forecast: Conservatives largest party, but short of a majority. No way for a Liberal win unless they've fixed it.

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Matthew Shugart said...

I am finding the same thing: The majority of my recent traffic is from Canada, with lots of the hits being from searches for things like "poll tracker", "strategic voting," "swing ridings," etc.--various themes Canadian that I have blogged on lately.