Coming up: Antoine Clarke's weekly round-up of election news

The problem:

I collect news and blog items about elections several times a day.

My various writing and business committments prevent me from posting on this blog for days on end.

I don't yet understand how to use Furl, and I want to do more than just post a list of URLs without comment, so I don't want to simply post my newsgator feeds as they occur.

My conclusion is to start a weekly round-up of election news.
This adds to whatever I can post in the course of the week, and will consist of the most relevant articles and blog posts I've read in the past few days, with my analysis.

Having just evolved into a Wiggly Worm (according to The Truth Laid Bear ratings), I think this is a better service I can offer. I have just realised that there's a problem with my RSS feed setup, so readers may not have been able to load this site into their news aggregators. I shall be looking to solve this by next week.

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