Right idea!

How often do I agree with a Democrat's strategic thinking? Well, not any more!

This thoughtful posting about George Allen on MyDD by Scott Shields get two things right.

First it focuses on the next Republican presidential nominee, not the term-limited incumbent George W. Bush. Taking a look at who the Republican activists might want is an altogether better strategy than droning on about someone who is due to retire in a couple of years time. George Allen is not the pollsters favourite, but he is on of the bookies favourites. But pollsters tend to ask the public, and the public don't choose the candidate. Right call MyDD!

Second, Scott suggests taking some political pot-shots at Senator Allen right now, see if he can be defeated in his Virginia U.S. Senate election this November. I'd say they have it right. Virginia is not as rock solid as most Southern states for the GOP, and there's at least the chance of finding something in his voting record to split the Republican base.

My own view is that Allen is automatically a less than ideal candidate by virtue of being a sitting U.S. Senator.

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