How things stand in the 2008 Democratic primaries

All right, this site doesn't normally do satire. But this is priceless.

Hat-tip: Russell Whitaker.


Paul said...

The subtitles fit very well - one can almost believe that these are the words being spoken. Even though I doubt that Senator Clinton would use so many sware words - although her sentiments would be the same.

Apart from the attack on people who do not support NAFTA the evidence would seem to point at "liberal" Democrats making this film, nice to see them attacking someone (Senator Clinton) who has one of the most "liberal" voter records in the United States Senate.

I wonder if they will turn on Obama, if he does not produce a Marxist utopia overnight.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly funny! But now that it's been taken down, do you know how to find another copy of it on youtube? Any keywords that would link specifically to it? I tried and found the same clip with other subtitles but not this particular hillary one.