Doesn't Senator Obama know how many U.S. Senators there are?

I really hope this isn't the reason Senator Barack Obama loses the 2008 U.S. presidential election:

If Senator Obama thinks he's going to win the NINE states he claims to have visited that don't exist he might have a problem: overestimating his Electoral College votes. He said he hadn't visited Alaska or Hawaii so he can only have visited 48 real states at the most. That's a minimum overestimate of 27 electoral college votes, assuming they're all small. To give Senator Obama some credit, he did run a superb primary election campaign by not, at least until he was clearly going to win, refusing to campaign in states however small or normally Republican (Michigan and Florida re a special case).

Or is it that Senator Obama hasn't a clue? You'd think he knew how many Senators there are at least: 2 per state or 100 in total.

Perhaps it's something about the drinking water in the U.S. Senate washrooms, in which case I assume Senators John McCain (Arizona) and Joseph Biden (plagiarist, Delaware) should be viewed with suspicion:

Last election, Senator John Kerry (Massachusetts) also thought he had a better chance of winning than he really had: he thought that he only had to gain FOUR E.C. votes from New Hampshire and hold the states certified to have been won by Al Gore in 2000. Turns out, Senator Kerry didn't know about the U.S. Census and how that changes things.

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Anonymous said...

"Just a verbal slip" accept that if John McCain makes a verbal slip the media (including the "conservative" Daily Telegraph) is all over the matter, but Senator Obama's mistakes are ignored.

When the two men are asked the same questions (as they both were by Rick Warren at the Saddleback Civil Forum) it is actually Senator Obama who makes the most mistakes (by a very long way), but this is ignored by most of the media also.

Ignored like all those American flags that his supporters put in the trash bins after they finished waving them on television - the flags the Obama campaign is now lying about.