Waiting for King

With three counties yet to declare recount totals, Dino Rossi the Republican candidate for Governor in the state of Washington has seen his lead increase from 261 to 316. However King County accounted for over half a million Democrat votes in the first count, so it's too early for the GOP to start celebrating. It would take an abnormally high number of extra votes in King County to be attributed to Christine Gregoire, the Democrat candidate, for the result to be overturned at this stage. Assuming no abnormal behaviour in King County, there should be no more than 700 extra votes allocated. The Democrats would need about 80% of these votes to win. This would be extraordinary: in no other county where more than 20 votes have been added, have the extra votes broken down more than 3 to 1 in either main candidate's favour.

The table below shows the latest available update on the recount.

CountyChange from first count
AdamsDem +12Rep +27Lib +2
AsotinDem +1Rep -1Lib n/c
BentonDem +1Rep +2Lib -1
ChelanDem +3Rep +1Lib n/c
ClallamDem +1Rep +1Lib n/c
ClarkDem +3Rep +7Lib n/c
ColumbiaDem -1Rep n/cLib n/c
CowlitzDem -29Rep -40Lib n/c
DouglasDem +2Rep +4Lib +1
FerryDem +3Rep +2Lib n/c
FranklinDem -1Rep +1Lib +1
GarfieldDem +1Rep +1Lib n/c
GrantDem +26Rep +44Lib +1
Grays HarborDem +6Rep +5Lib n/c
IslandDem n/cRep +5Lib n/c
JeffersonDem +1Rep -4Lib +1
KittitasDem +19Rep +25Lib +2
KlickitatDem n/cRep +1Lib n/c
LewisDem +2Rep +4Lib n/c
MasonDem +1Rep +2Lib +1
OkanoganDem +1Rep -1Lib n/c
PacificDem +1Rep n/cLib n/c
Pend OreilleDem +6Rep +2Lib n/c
PierceDem +242Rep +261Lib +11
San JuanDem n/cRep -1Lib +1
SkagitDem +71Rep +89Lib +7
SkamaniaDem n/cRep n/cLib n/c
SnohomishDem +131Rep +130Lib +10
SpokaneDem +121Rep +134Lib +6
StevensDem n/cRep n/cLib n/c
ThurstonDem +2Rep +4Lib n/c
WahkiakumDem n/cRep +1Lib n/c
Walla WallaDem +59Rep +37Lib +5
WhatcomDem +3Rep n/cLib n/c
YakimaDem n/cRep n/cLib n/c
TotalDemocrat +690Republican +745Libertarian +48

Updates available on this page.

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