Election news around the world

Uzbeckistan's opposition leader faces jail for his success. The U.S.A. - allegedly - wants democracy in the region. So the U.S. is backing - tyranny. Confusing message, someone?

Thailand's prime minister calls a snap election. He is the target of a concerted street protest campaign to remove him. Luckily for Liverpool Football Club, Thakin Shinawatra didn't get to become the majority shareholder in the club last year.

Sivino Berlusconi thinks sitting next to George W. Bush will make him look good in the Italian elections. Not sure about this for several reasons. There is historically a strong pro-American vote in Italy, so maybe this could appeal to non-political Italians. If there are any.

The U.S. Republicans start to catch up the massive Democrat fundraising efforts of 2005. Later figures confirm this trend.

Ban on professional canvassers collecting signatures for election candidates. Looks like an attempt to do me out of a career! ;-)

South Dakota passes an abortion ban, designed to test the Supreme Court.

Fraud reform in the U.S.A. It's a partisan issue, which means the people solving the problem are the people causing it. Not a pretty sight.

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