Israeli election: my background assessment

The Israeli moderates won't rule out killing the Palestinian Prime Minister designate: Hamas's Ismael Haniya.

What would the "extremists" do, let him live?

I get the feeling that the Kadima is moderate is lazy reporting. They've got people from both Labour and Likud therefore they're in the middle. The truth is that Kadima seems to offer a unilateral settlement to the Palestinian question. Palestinians are basically going to be stuck behind a wall which excludes them from territories that they want back and Kadima is simply going to ignore them. This report in Le Figaro gives details.

As far as I can see this is the same policy that was being denounced six months ago by the European press as "extremist".

Here's a report from the Times that seems to back me up. The Palestinians are going to go ape.

The Guardian has a thorough report, by Linda Grant that includes a heartfelt summary of the Kadima programme:
"I don't give a shit what the Palestinians don't want. I don't think anything will ever be acceptable to them and I received that message with the results of the last Palestinian elections [in which Hamas were elected]."
Kadima supporter, former Labour

The opinion polls are meaningless. We're talking the most stupid form of proportional representation ever designed for a country. You basically get half the votes and a quarter of the seats.

Kadima may "win" and end up with half the seats needed to form a majority in the Knesset. See what I mean?

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